Saturday, September 10, 2016

When Spar gets suddenly drafted into the military but cannot fulfill his duties, he struggles with both his father and himself to find that his seemingly problematic body is actually the key to meaning in his life. Oh, and everyone is germs.
Spar is a fighter germ. His purpose and design is to fight (aka “infect”) humans with a team of other germs. This is the germ “military.” This military is what allows the entire society of germs to function. Everything is built upon and expectant of success within their military; without a productive team, each germ in the society will not be able to feed and will therefore die. There is a catch, though: the germs are unable to board food (their primary way of infecting) for a total of 5 seconds once it has fallen on the ground (due to the “dissolving of antibacterial bodies”). Anyway, Spar’s purpose is to help in all of this. Unfortunately, he has a malformed tail, which forces him fundamentally to be unable to do/be what he wants to be. This internal struggle leads him to become – as he is introduced to the audience for the first time – a massive  jokester. He does not really care about a lot of anything not because he is apathetic, but because he has given up, essentially. To make matters worse, his father is the leader of the military. He does not believe that Spar is unable to infect and instead thinks that he can overcome it; Spar’s father did this on his final day of training, as he survived in a glob of hand-sanitizer when his partner abandoned him. To force this upon Spar, his dad automatically puts him into the military when he reaches the proper age. The struggle begins.
Eventually throughout the story, Spar will have to come to terms with his difficulties and realize that he can be helpful rather than infectious (as there are both “good” and “bad” germs in real life). His father will need to stop projecting his past onto his son and will have to be okay with the idea of helping rather than infecting humans.

This idea is still not 100% fully formed yet (and has a lot more detail in it than was written here), but I hope you enjoyed it. I’m curious what you all think. Does this sound interesting or appealing? Does the one-sentence-summary at the top pull you in? What do you like and not like about this? Please leave comments, feedback, and constructive criticism (if you’d like).

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  1. I like the idea of a story idea around a germ and I like the family struggle that you have present. I'm curious to see how it would play out though. Definitely requires some creative thought and good character development. Great start :)