Saturday, September 10, 2016


(This is Sarah Jones, my google username is overcomings, so that showed up instead of my name :)

Somewhere in the North, it is winter. An Astronomer lives near a small coastal town in a tall house on the edge of a jutting cliff; peaking from the roof of his house is a squat tower, his workshop, a little room with walls and ceilings of windows. Here he has all sorts of small inventions and clutters of papers and books: he is a scholar of astronomy. It is his greatest longing to understand the meaning of the stars and of space, and his inventions were attempts to achieve that goal. Beginning in his youth he tried to build a space vessel that could take him into the far reaches of space, but he never achieved it—now, decades later, he has given up. He only looks at the stars through his telescope, longing to travel amongst them—hopelessly.
Yet one afternoon as he comes to the post office on a trip into town, he meets a young man, a Youth, that reminds him remarkably of himself. The Youth is incredibly interested in the Astronomer’s work, so he shows the Youth his old inventions and tells him of his old dreams. The Youth, actually, has also tried to build a space vessel—except he has succeeded at it, though he needs an Astronomer to navigate. He has simply not lived long enough to learn as much about the cosmic world as is needed for its exploration. The Astronomer, stunned, agrees to be his navigator—wondering if it is all a dream.
The ship takes them on a journey through space. They sail between the stars, hearing their conversations; they sail through a nebula and are entrapped in worlds of color and cloud and star. They come to a dark sea of transparent waters reflecting the stars in its churning depths. Sailing its waves they further explore the reaches of unexplored, unimaginable space. They have many adventures in the cosmic world—adventures surging them forward on a quest for truth. 


  1. This sounds great! I am very curious to learn what happens. :)

  2. Very cool story. Good references and sketches. I suggest to find references also for interiors of space vessel and astronomer tower.