Monday, September 12, 2016

"The Boy & the Bear"

Animated Short Plot (Rough Draft)

"The Boy & the Bear"

A young Native American boy faces a significant night in which he has known would come his whole life. In this particular Native American tribe, when the boys of the village reach a certain age, there is a night dedicated to them making the transformation from boy to man. On this night, the boys set out to claim their manhood by killing an animal and returning with it in the morning. Most of the time the children wind up killing a relatively small animal (a raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, etc.), as they are still somewhat young and more is not to be expected of them. This entire tradition is explained through the village elder (who is also the main boy's father), showing the children a series of paintings and drawings (brought to life through animation). When the children set off in the evening to go out and hunt, it begins to rain. The boy searches, and eventually finds a cave under a waterfall that he wanders into. In the cave we see a large pair of glowing eyes, and out into the moonlight walks a black bear. The bear is somewhat small, though still looks intimidating. When the boy raises his bow to shoot, the bear stumbles back frightened. The boy, holding his bow up, looks confused. The bear backs up and cowers in the corner, whimpering. The boy lowers his bow and moves toward the small bear. As he gets near the bear cowers even more and huddles against the wall. The boy sets his bow behind him on the ground and goes up and pets the bear in an assuring manner. The bear seems to be comforted and the boy notices the bear looking at the bow. We learn that the bear is alone, because his father and mother have been killed by hunters, hence his fear of weapons. Instead of killing the bear and parading it back to camp, the boy returns with the bear at his side, as almost a companion. When they arrive at the camp at dawn, with all the other children already returned, everyone is shocked to see the boy with a live bear. The other children hold their small trophy's of rabbits and small birds, as the boy walks passed them confidently with the bear walking at his side. Everyone is shocked and the father stands waiting. The boy stops in front of the entirety of the village as they look on in awe. A man to the right of the chief (and boys father), raises his bow toward the bear but the father simply reaches out and pushes the mans arms back down as to say not to shoot. The father then grins at his son, who is still standing tall next to his bear companion, and nods as if to say, "You are a man now." clearly impressed with his sons compassion and bravery. At this point, the short will end.

The short would have no talking in it, instead everything would be explained visually and a unique atmosphere would be created using the feelings created by the forest, the lighting, and an authentic Native American soundtrack.

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  1. Great synopsis. Missing needs and wants, reference photos, and thumbnails.