Sunday, September 11, 2016


A boy finds himself on Faroe Islands without his family or friends and stumbles upon a seemingly friendly gnome in hopes of returning home.

Raynor, hardly fourteen, finds himself on the Isles of Faroe, away from civilization, and alone. A storm hits and unknowingly he finds himself in a cave which happens to be the home of Nisse, a gnome who lives in the rocks.
As soon as Raynor realizes he’s intruded on someone’s home it is too late and Nisse comes home from foraging for food. After a rough and tumble argument, Nisse agrees to take Raynor back to civilization.
They embark on their Journey, all-the-while Raynor learns more about Nisse and he gets the feeling they are being followed. It isn’t until they’ve made camp that they are attacked by a clan of Vittra (mostly invisible creatures that live underground). Nisse is surprised that they have come above ground for a simple boy and begins to realize that there is something different about him. After a sly move by Nisse, Raynor has a chance to escape but Nisse is captured by the Vittra. Once again, Raynor is alone.
He continues his progress on and makes his way down to the coast since the way is less steep. Unwary of his surroundings, Raynor runs into a pod of Mermaids who help him along his way. He tells them his story and they tell him that they will keep an eye out for nisse.
Civilization is in sight but Raynor finds himself wanting to go back to find Nisse. With one or two second thoughts he makes his way back into the wilderness of Faroe to find his friend.

That’s the idea!

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