Thursday, September 8, 2016


Overcharged: Logline

When a security guard at the central power plant providing energy to the surgically-enhanced human population that runs on electricity instead of sleep is captured by the underground untampered humans, he’s wrapped up in a rebellion to steal the power source away from the manipulative government.

Overcharged: Synopsis

Lars is a security guard and technician at the life-giving power plant. He’s never had a wink of sleep in his life- he simply plugs himself in and recharges electrically, just like everybody else.

One night, he gets home to work to find the government has cut off his supply of electricity, leaving him to power off and die. In an attempt to syphon energy from the under-the-road powerlines, he’s captured by an untampered human.

Lars comes to, amazed to see an entire village of humans that sleep. They’ve been hiding out underground for generations. He hadn’t realized there were any left. The untampered humans have been working for years to find a way to reclaim the surface, and Lars is the final piece. They’ve run a cord from an energy sucking vacuum deep in the earth, and are ready to plug it into the main frame of the power plant, which will shut down the plant and return the electric humans to a sleep-enabled lifestyle. With the help of Lars, they successfully complete a stealth mission and plug the cord into the power grid... but nothing happens.

It becomes instantly clear that something must be wrong with the cord on the other end, deep within the earth. With a team of untampered humans, Lars makes his way deep into the earth, following a cord in an attempt to divert the power away from the surface. He’s faced with underground chasms, blocked paths by rock slides, distrust, lack of breathable air, an extermination team on their trails, and betrayal within the team. If there’s any hope for the mission, Lars will need to learn to be fully committed to something larger than himself, for the sake of others.

In order to turn this into an action-adventure dystopian sci-fi graphic novel, a budget of 5,000-10,000 will be required. For film, an estimated 60 million. Targeted audience will be primarily boys ages 12-25.

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