Saturday, September 10, 2016

Exposed – Purpose in Life : Synopsis

Exposed – Purpose in Life

Ellie is a scholarship dancer apart of Enlightenment, a ballet school, which is started by the ballet company Elite. The creative director and choreographer hold auditions for the Nutcracker and cast students and company dancers.

The cast list comes out, most of the principle dancers got leads and core parts, many of Ellie’s friends got little roles or even the core in the show, however, Ellie was stuck with the understudy role. Elli is frustrated because she had to learn so many different roles, yet she can only preform if someone cannot preform. Ellie’s friend who dad helps sponsor the choreographer’s training, reminded her, she was chosen for a reason to be an understudy, she was casted and not let go, she cannot just quit, but instead use her dancing and determination as her voice.
With hard work and persistence she made sure that she was the best understudy that she can be and to really appreciate and embrace her situation. During tech week, the main lead was caught being unprofessional so the choreographer lets her go. Ellie heard the news that she was going to be her part, so she stayed late to run everything through, where she over hears the stage manager plotting to food poison the whole cast as revenge to the choreographer for stealing his role when they were company members. She told her friend what she have learned and he encourages her to talk to the choreographer even though she would risk losing her new role because no one talks to the choreographer unless he talks to them first.
Ellie works up the courage to tell the choreographer the stage manager’s plot and saves the show, which sold out for many nights.

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