Saturday, September 17, 2016


  • daytime is a bit grey and foggy, though still bright: a cloudy sun
  • nighttime is lit brightly by the stars and moon
  • mountains inland, their feet not far from the town
  • ocean and cliffs
  • very wide, open environment: the sky and sea stretch to infinity
  • buildings (town)
  • town is very small compared to the empty lands surrounding it 
  • at a distance: the Astronomer's house and tower
  • in space: vast and bright with bright stars; not empty, but not overwhelmingly filled
  • in space: single nebula far off somewhere; it's of spectacular size
  • snow
  • forests
  • animals
  • buildings old-fashioned, made out of brick and painted wood
  • detailing in the town gives it the essence of a Northern fishing town, or something like that... very rustic
  • in space: great variety of color


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