Monday, September 12, 2016

~5 minute short animation.

Very rough draft.

A 10 year old boy thinks he's a mad scientist, complete with a lab coat and welding goggles. He spends most of his time in the family garage conducting little experiments (miniature volcano, mixing chemicals, etc.). He's trying to come up with the perfect experiment to win 1st prize in a science fair. His little brother constantly follows him around, trying to help with the experiments, but the older boy consistently ignores his brother, and eventually kicks him out of the garage out of frustration. The older brother's experiments keep failing until he runs out of time. Once at the fair, judges watch as the older boy's experiment falls apart before their eyes. Obviously, he doesn't win, and the judges move on. While he's pouting about his loss, he hears commotion nearby, and notices a crowd hurled around a science fair project. He walks over to discover his younger brother has made a simple but effective project, and everyone's enjoying it. The younger brother gets 3rd place for his project. At first, the older boy is upset. Then the younger brother runs up to the older one, seeking the approval of his big brother. The older boy smiles, and puts his goggles on his brother's head. The older brother throws his arm around the younger one, and the two walk home, pulling their experiments in wagons behind them.

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